Friday, March 19, 2010

Thank you Runner World Mag

This week i have been playin catch up on all my reading and somedays i really just chicken out on hitting the streets when it is snowing i read a lot about cold weather running so hey why not get on that right now so here in NE it is nice one day and cold snowy the next so here i go got my cold gear on headed out :) it was great other then running north the snow really blew in my face in my town there is not many runner so when they see me running in a snow storm i am sure they are thinking NUTTY WOMEN ON THE LOOSE lol oh well i felt great !!
so i took a pic for all you warm weather runners so you know i am jealous of you today :)


Traci said...

LOL...the differences in our runs today are amazing. I had a tank top on. I can't imagine going out in the snow. You rock!

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