Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Outside ABOUT TIME ..

Weather Sucks here in Ne but what can i do ! i did get out today for a run wow ! i have work to be done outside as far as my running goes everything seems so much harder outside then on the treadmill i remember the day where it was the opp don't know when that changed ?????
so i ran my bum off this am 3 miles at a 9:50 pace SHOOT need to work on that !
lets hope i have many more good running days before the next snow !!!

My ipod Stories !!
i got me a shuffle last yr i know i used it daily but shoot that thing died so FAST so then my daughter got a new nano about a yr ago so i took her old suffle that i washed by the way and it worked just fine till i of course get a hold of it ! it is dieing a slow DEATH it really only works when it wants to !! POOYE i think i know now why they are making them different !!
so for my Bday my hubby got me a new nano i can't wait to get it !!! yeah music again ! i have not been running with my old one cause it only workes when it wants to ! so it will be nice to have my music back !


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