Monday, March 15, 2010


so found some Mizuno's for $20 i wanted to try them and what a deal i got !

Mondays are my long run days and i just was NOT feeling it today :( oh well still got 2 miles one of them miles i PUSHED and did my best time yet for a mile 8:21 WOOT of course that was treadmill :( why can't i live where the weather is nice so i feel like i want to hit the streets of course i could i know you all run in rain snow or what ever but sometimes i just don't feel like FREEZIN lol


Tricia said...

Where?!?! Thats awesome!

rizomomof4 said...

it was a starting bid on ebay and i think that no one wated to bid cause the seller only had 7 sales but i thought what the heack at most i would be out $20 so i took the chance and won :)

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