Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Running ???? yeah was NOT ready lol

so today started out GREAT we are having GREAT weather ! i took the day off yesterday just went for a family walk i am having trouble with my tendon again sucks but what ever ! so this am i got geared up and heading out for a 6 mile run it was so nice ! i knew since the weather was so good i would go on a walk with my hubby tonight i didn't wear good gear wore my every day sports bra some shorts and a tank top just a plain one i thought we would just walk but no we did a family jog and beat our family time YEAH RIZO'S!!! mom dad jaron (my 9 yr old) mariah (14) all on foot (duh huh or it would not have been a jog lol)lilleigh in her stroller and juli
(8) on her bike
wow did i feel like i was not the running Diva i could have been lol no bondi band , my hair was down i know i have short hair but it sure still sucked it was great family time just next time i am always going to gear up like i am running lol

also today i got my hand held water bottle i wanted to try one ! can't wait to test it out also i ordered an ifitness belt woot !!!


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