Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Nike Airmax2009+

Got my shoes yesterday !! my 1st thought WOW !! love the color Hot Pink and i mean HOT PINK!! i did think that maybe i should have got the yellow ones but eh who cares i am Flashy like that lol
i try them on i can dis a shoe FAST so i was worried a bit after spending so much on them
i put them on and WOW they were soft !! i walked around for a bit and what did i have to do next get my ascis out and try one on each foot !
GAH!!! NO!!! my beloved Ascis are softer tho i am not sure if it is just a matter of the nike has more stability ??? but it got me a little worried so i put them both back on my feet walked around alittle jumped around a little and at the end of it said i would keep them and try then but worried that i would be stuck with a pair of shoes i spent alot of $$ on just as walking shoes !!
so FAST FORWARD to this am i get ready for my run i wanted to hit the streets but AGAIN MORE SNOW!!! GAH i am sick of snow !!!
so i get them on head down to my treadmill .... start to run and i am thinking the whole time WOW !!! these are soft they were GREAT!!! THANK GOSH!! i believe they will be my shoe for my 1/2 when i run it of course i only took them on a 4 mile test run this am so more testing to come but after my run my feet didn't hurt there was no breaking them in at all they were running ready i like shoes like that !


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