Friday, March 5, 2010

Still Looking for the GREAT Bra ....

So i ordered 2 more from Sports Authority Brooks & Reebok the Brooks was GREAT!!!! but as i got about to 2.5 miles i feel a pain ON NO !!! the v shape is rubbing me RAW :( gah is it just me that has so much trouble with this ?? so it is a good thing that i didn't take that bra on a LONG run !! so now to try the Reebok i also have a nike one & UA so i have to like one of them !!!! ( I HOPE )
1.I got some new shoes coming my way nike air max 2009 pink and grey the reviews are good i hope i like them
2.OHHH i also got my Bondi Bands so cute i can't wait to try them out !!
3. got some new Oakley for my running outside !! LOVE them ! got to use them 2 times this wek
4. got my Ipod Nano WOOOT now if only someone in my family will Help me get songs on it i have no idea why but my daughter put itune on her computer so now we have them on 2 different ones so now we have to back them up and put them all on my hubbys new laptop so i HOPE they get on this FAST lol


Tricia said...

great gear!

and do you use any body glide with the bras? I find it helps for the long runs.

rizomomof4 said...

yes i just got some and it does help the rubbing some what maybe i am not putting enough on

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