Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Almost a Week ! Don't Blow it NOW!

Of staying in my cal goal this week! WI is tomorrow so IF i don't Blow things today i am up for at lest a 1lb loss lol well at this point any kind of a lose is good for me! BUT..............
who showed at my door this AM you guessed it Aunt Flow Can you believe her ! just when i have had a good week (could Have done better like NOT EATING a box + of girl scout cookies)but i HOPE i will still see a loss then on to next week make next week better then this week! there was lots of room for making better eating choices from this week were are going to be out of town for the next 2 wk ends so this mean RIGHT now i need to practice SALAD PLEASE!!! lol

The Weather yesterday was SO NICE we were out in all DAY we started out with a 30 min bike ride Hubby, Lilleigh & me
then when the kiddos got home we went for a LONG walk! 75 mins
today is going to be even nicer so we plan to be out and about today to

Stay Tuned for WI tomorrow!


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