Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Emotional EATER!

Yes this is me EVERY time i feel just a tiny bit of pressure i want to EAT!! so the kids come home after school and they are sucking the LIFE from me !!! they were all over the place jumping screaming you name it and they were doing it i could just feel my self wanting to RUN to the food as FAST as i could instead of getting them under control!?!?!?!? WHY! let my emotions get the BEST of me Oh No you don't INNER FAT girl Amy is NOT going to give in that EASY!! so i rounded up the kids sat them down and made them read for 20 mins (they have to each night for book it any ways) WOW! how i saved my self LOL after they were done reading they calmed down !! THANK YOU!!! AMY WON !!! not the FAT GIRL!!!!
it just seems nuts how i want to just RUN to food when the going get tough!!!!????


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