Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Self Sabatage

Yes that is just about what i did last night as i was in SELF pity mode i just started to EAT! and not care what was going in my mouth and when i am done doing this i feel HORRIBLE!
so on top of self Pity last night Lilleigh was sick so she was not in good shape witch sent me in to my emotional eating OMG !! i can't blow all that i have worked so hard for the last 3 wks (almost)
Anther thing that sent me to self Pity is i feel i work my butt off everyday working out i want that STUPID scale to say more then 1lb !!!!
i still have been getting on the scale EVERYDAY !! i can't seem to get grips and STOP! all i see is NO CHANGE WHY!! WHY !!! WHY!!! i have done well this week up till last night and really still done all that with in reason ! i know i have took bites here and there but my Deflect # are GREAT but no LOSS !
(OK so i can't send my self back in to self pity today or i will blow it for sure!)
WI is not till Thur so maybe something will fall off by then !?!?
(this is so why i HATE getting on the scale EVERYDAY (someone LOCK that thing UP )


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