Wednesday, March 18, 2009

FAST FOOD & New Shoes ~

Ok so i GAVE in today and ate fast food YIKES ! i loved it to i think it was just what i needed (YEAH right ) but you know some times you just NEED that junk then your fine & back on track !i had a Filet-o-fish med fries and a LARGE (yes Large )Frosty from wendys so tomorrow i am going to try the Special K Challenge it seem HARD there is not much to eat lol but i am going to give it a shot at least for 1 week not so sure about the 2 lol

i got my new pair of Asics i just loved the ones i got for my birthday ! so i had to order my Daughter some track shoes and while i was doing that a pair for MAMA just right in to the cart lol i got 20% off of them or i would have passed we got 3 pairs of shoes for only $106 who could pass that up right;)


jenifer said...

Those shoes are looking nice!! I too have this style of comfortable shoes!!

rizomomof4 said...

i just love Asics they are the most comphy shoe i have tried !

Traci said...

Very fun to get new shoes. I need some myself with better arch support. NO more fast food! hehe I had some this week too. It was so good at the time, but now I have to kick butt to make up for it.

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