Sunday, March 15, 2009


OK so for the past 2 wks i have been so good only getting on the scale maybe 2 time i seem to always take a sneak peek by wed lol but this week i am BAD i have been on that thing EVERYDAY since THUR. NOT good i don't like it when i do that
how ever i got on this am to see a loss we will not worry about that loss till thur to make sure it stays there lol
the weather is nice here again we got out for a walk yesterday and today we are planning on a bike ride and walk WOOOHOOO can't wait i love nice weather!
yesterday i was sitting in Sutherland at my sons wrestling meet i sat in the same place where i took the pic that changed my LIFE forever! when i got this pic back i could NOT Believe i looked like this there was NO WAY i was going to stay this way so this is the pic that started it all my JOURNEY!! so here is another pic that i took yesterday to just show the difference it is a bad pic but you get the idea don't like the way my shirt was laying i look fat still OH WELL lol


Traci said...

Wow!!!!!!!! You look amazing! Look at all that work you have done! You keep up that great work!!!

Trace said...

You look absolutely FANTASTIC! Way to go, mama!!!!

Amanda said...

You don't even look like the same person! You know I think you look fabulous Amy! You're doing awesome!!!

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