Thursday, March 19, 2009

No Scale for me this week

I got up this am and told myself NO Scale today i know i should WI but i am NOT i ate so much stuff that was salty yesterday i don't even want to think what the scale will say YIKES! i could not even get my wedding ring off this am maybe tomorrow who knows i have another Challenge that starts tomorrow we don't have to WI for it (kinda weird) till next week after it has started for a week so who know i mite wait till that wi but you all know me NOT sure i can go that LONG with NO SCALE lol
Also i started the Special K Challenge this am so lets see how that goes! i felt all i got to eat this am was a BITE of Cereal ( HA HA ) 27 g IS NOT MUCH


Amanda said...

I think I'm going to be with you on the no WI unless AF shows up sometime between now and Sunday morning lol. I hate water retention!

Traci said...

Good luck on your challenge. I joined the Biggest Loser League a little while ago. It's probably better you didn't WI this time. I'm sure your next WI will be awesome.

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