Monday, March 30, 2009

BACK? ............

To doing OK HA HA HA ok one day i do good lets not get to over joyed right ? i guess i didn't blog yesterday my son had a Wresting meet his last one and he ROCKED the HOUSE *that's my boy * WOOOHOOT he got 1st!
so i packed my Special K meal bar , 2 snacks, 1 special k cereal bar and 1 special K Protine water i only ate the meal bar it was not as long as i thought came home had a GREAT dinner and maintained (ha ha some what ) my cals ending on a good note just a tad over 1,000 now to keep that up !
my Hubby WI yesterday down 2 more lbs for him WHOOT i am so Happy for him he is BEING so strong right now doing way better then me ! but now i believe he is at his lowest in a WHILE and the weight loss bug BITE him hard lol he started at
308 now his is at 265 so lbs lost 43!


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