Friday, March 20, 2009

I suck~Happy 1st day of Spring

I WI after all yesterday i am UP 2.1 lbs YIKES to much eating ! i really didn't expect that my numbers did not say that i guess i must have got carried away with the bits i had last week ? unless i gained some Muscle but i wouldn't think that much ? i did lift a few times last week who know at any rate it was a GAIN and THAT SUCKS!

I started my new Spring Challenge today so i HOPE i will NOT see a gain ANYMORE but i think i have been saying that for a LONG time now AH!!


Last week


GAIN 2.1 lbs

29lbs to get to goal

Special K update~

it went good better then i though i was not even finding my self to hungry it all feel just about right when it was time to eat again ! *i think i can do this for a week *


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